About me


Txema Cabria, pianist and composer was born in Madrid on 1972.

Over 25 years of experience walking through the music. His first years got influenced by so different genius as Mike Oldfield, Prince and Peter Gabriel, which music inspired and feed his curiosity for synthesizers and the continuous search for a good fusion between melody and Rhythm, being the base of a very personal style that will grow through the years.

The Emotion

Love and passion for music as the main engine drove him to invest years of investigation listening, analyzing and discovering new ways to reach the heart of the listener through the music. He also completed this emotional briefing with more technical learning new technologies, programing, and the bases of harmony and mixing, which would lead him in an all terrain artist.

Is with Jose Antonio Berzal when he reaches a true milestone in his career, diving deep in the secrets of harmony and interpretation through jazz. After that got a Master in Musical Production for Audiovisuals from a prestigious university in England, with tutors like Guy Michelmore, Rachel James or Milton Nelson amongst other great musicians and composers.

The Music

His sensibility playing piano, together with his passion, are the keys of the strong sensitive character that can be appreciated in any of his pieces, and the great variety of styles he manages makes possible to create this fusion of electronic music with ethnics influences like Celtic, African, and orchestral, showing in this way that the language of his music is universal, independently of origins, faiths and cultures.


His first album was published on 2001, called Genesis, with clear symphonic and Celtic influences, a perfect exercise on the production to achieve a common shift on all the tracks, that perfectly defines his music, being at the same time a musical biography about the aspects and values taught by his fathers. Two years after he published his second album, The Man Who Lived 4 Love, dedicated to his father, and with a more electronic and chill out approach.

From both works, several tracks have been used for corporative audiovisuals from different companies that was chosen for the capacity to transmit emotions. In 2004 he was awarded with the 2nd prize on a National Electronic Music Festival, where he was playing live alone in the final of the event.

During the last years he has offered several concerts, building warm and intimal atmospheres that mixes perfectly with the spirit of his creations, and received an Honor Mention to the Best Production on Korg Creative Encounter 3.0.

Recently has been awarded with the Best Electro-Acoustic Song by The Akademia Music Awards for his theme The Grandmother, which will be the first single of his incoming new album Las nanas de Mina.


Regarding audiovisuals productions, he has been taking part on several corporative videos, short films and documentaries. He is actively working specially on Documentaries, where he is continuously creating his own brand and reputation, but also is taking part in several short-films.